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  • Collaborate in the Cloud

    In a dynamic business world can you make good decisions quickly enough?

    Good decisions don’t just happen, they’re made by experienced leaders with the right skills. In a fast paced and ever changing business world how can managers avoid the temptation to simply shoot from the hip when the pressure starts to tell? Because sloppy decision making creates problems rather than solves them.

    Consultation with colleagues is a key part of this process

    In a modern dynamic multi-site business it isn’t always possible to get everyone together for a meeting at short notice. Video conferencing is a hassle because people work off different devices, platforms and systems.

    So do you just wing it and make a call on that pressing customer issue without your trusted colleagues? Not when there’s a simple solution that can link every one up quickly and seamlessly, no matter what technology they’re using.

    Standards-based video conferencing software with VCEverywhere® infrastructure has the power to connect people via smartphones, tablets and desktops in an truly immersive and interactive hosted virtual meeting room.

    It’s a comprehensive turnkey solution that makes delivering professional desktop and mobile video conferencing across different devices and platforms easy.

    In a world of conflicting systems, breaks down the barriers of incompatibility – connecting users across PC, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone. connects you to any standards-based H.323 or SIP room system or equipment within your organisation and B2B

    Without the need for any gateway or custom configuration. Allowing you to unleash the power of interoperability instantly.

    Consult, collaborate, problem solve and trouble shoot without having to leave your desk. Share, discuss and present at the drop of a hat – in full HD across any standards-based end-points or in-room systems.

    • Speed up decision making
    • Improve customer response times
    • Make better informed decisions
    • Slash support costs
    • Save on project resources

    To find out how VCEverywhere® can transform the way your company communicates call or email today for a free no obligation evaluation.

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